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Trifecta: Week Forty  DINOSAUR    3: one that is impractically large, out-of-date, or obsolete Thought I’d give it a try again….in 33 words, short and bittersweet…   “Well duh, mother. ” “Oh my Gawd, are you ser-i-ous?” “I can’t believe you don’t … Continue reading

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How much is too much?

I’ve been writing for the Trifecta Writing Challenge for a couple of months now. It gives a prompt for you to write about, one on Monday and one on Friday. It’s mostly your take on a word using the definition that they … Continue reading

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A four letter word

My sweet five-year-old baby boy. My adorable brown-eyed, long-lashed, dimpled baby boy. This sweet, cute, lovable, cuddly baby boy has a favorite word. Butt. Actually, a favorite subject. Butt-poop-pee-pee-diarrhea-fart. Apparently, any business (in a five-year-old mind) that goes on in … Continue reading

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It’s just not my bag, baby

My oldest son mentioned to me one night that he couldn’t talk with a British accent.   Since we live in the Midwest, this was not troubling to me.   But apparently, a current trend among his friends at school is to hold … Continue reading

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Grandma one-upped me…again

Grandma came to visit. This would be my mother. The baseball game and JCPenney-coupon-using  mother/Grandma. We have a somewhat typical mother-daughter love-hate relationship.  When it’s good, it’s pretty good, but when it bad….I am of the opinion that she tries too … Continue reading

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You meant PHAT, right!?!

So my darling, soon-to-be eight-year-old says to me the other night, ” Mommy, some kid in my class said you were fat.” ~uncomfortable silence~  I was like, “Really?  What did you say?” ~uncomfortable silence and shrugging of his shoulders~  Wow.  Not even gonna … Continue reading

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Finally, a family, a feast and fun

My sis-in-law has come to visit for a few days.  She has been living in Chicago for the last couple years and hasn’t been home for at least a year.   What a difference a year makes!   We have so … Continue reading

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