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How much is too much?

I’ve been writing for the Trifecta Writing Challenge for a couple of months now. It gives a prompt for you to write about, one on Monday and one on Friday. It’s mostly your take on a word using the definition that they … Continue reading

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Be true to yourself

Abby couldn’t wait to get away.  The roaring cacophony of her relatives, buzzing and laughing around the table, was just getting to be too much.  This picnic was the last thing she wanted to do today.  She longed for a time and … Continue reading

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Finally, a family, a feast and fun

My sis-in-law has come to visit for a few days.  She has been living in Chicago for the last couple years and hasn’t been home for at least a year.   What a difference a year makes!   We have so … Continue reading

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Summer Harold, Winter Harold

The pickles were a success!  Thank you, Mrs. Wages.  Now, on to the hot and spicy variety.  They are done and a jar is in the ‘frig, “crisping up”.  Hope they are as good as the others. Went to great-uncle … Continue reading

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Watch out ladies…

Attention ladies in my family:  I have found something super cool that I want you to do.. Not just for me, but for your children and grandchildren and their children and so on.  I got the idea from blogger Kira on Kissing … Continue reading

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The park, a potluck and other things that start with P

My cousin and her family came to visit this weekend.  She just had her first baby and brought him here to show him off.  What a sweet boy!  I forgot how wormy and wiggly babies that small could be.  A lot … Continue reading

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Meet me and my family

I am a mom.  I have a wonderful husband who I am lucky to have met when I was still a hot chick.  I have 3 boys.  My 16 year old – smart, sensitive, moody, laid back, lazy, bossy and irritable.  … Continue reading

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