Blogroll, please…

These are my favorite places that I lurk on and, occasionally, comment on.  Mostly lurk.  Not in a creepy way though.  Here they are, in no particular order: – Karen, you are hilarious.  And my inspiration. She will try anything. – A local lady who is so funny.  All three of her daughters blog too. – Annie is a local gal, with a special family, who blogs about her life, home, furniture and all sorts of crafty stuff.  Janie (above) is her mom. – What can I say?  Kim kills me.  Read it.  All of it.  NOW! – A stay-at-home mommy with 4 kids and a husband and a talent for storytelling. – What can I say about Ree?  If you haven’t heard of this one, come out from under your rock and read her.  Love her.  Want to be her. – Amy just makes me want to be a better mommy, need I say more? – great stories and frugal tips – Lindsey shows before and after shots of old, outdated and downright fugly stuff that people have redone.  That old dresser that you “inheirited” from your great aunt so-and-so…it’s better after. – another place to see ordinary stuff turned into great looking pieces.  Crafty and cool.


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