Wrong place at the wrong time

She didn’t belong here.  But she didn’t deserve what she got either.  All she was looking for was a place to stay, to be safe.  She was lost, in a neighborhood that wasn’t her own.  She pulled up her hood, covering her face, and walked up to the first house she came to.  Nervously walking in, not knowing what she would find, friend or foe.  Hopefully they didn’t have a gun and shoot first, ask questions later.  Nobody was home.  She helped herself to some food that was laid out on the table then wandered into the living room, to sit down and wait.   There were pictures on the wall.   Strange folks, with skin and hair, different from her own.  At that moment, a car door slammed.  Someone was home.  Scared to get caught, not knowing anything about how they would react to someone as suspiciously different as herself, she panicked.  Running upstairs, diving into the nearest bed, she listened to the exclamations of discovery, the creaking stairs, footsteps getting nearer.  Then confrontation, anger, accusations, protesting her innocence,  begging, a loud blast…as feared, no questions were asked.

Trifecta: Week Thirteen: we want you to give us a re-telling of the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. You can change the setting, the characters, and whatever details you wish, but the story should still be recognizable to us. Keep the spirit of the original work, but make it your own. And for once? You have no word limit.


About KimB

I am a mommy to 3 wild and wonderful boys, wife to my husband. I am a stay-at-home mommy, who would like to work if the perfect job came along. Trying to find a way to make money from home so we can have more of the "wants" not just the "needs". We live in the sort of-country and have a pretty big garden, but no animals, except one small, dark, and furry dacshund.
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9 Responses to Wrong place at the wrong time

  1. Jennifer Worrell says:

    WOW! Interesting take on the story–enjoyed it bunches!

  2. Oh, no! Goldi! Does she live?

  3. Great description of the story. The ending really caught my attention. Those words were perfectly chosen.

  4. ronaleeakarose says:

    I was really getting into it and then the unthinkable..it ended. Oh, but what an ending! Job well done.

  5. k~ says:

    Yikes, that’s the end of Goldilocks!

  6. A victim of unfortunate circumstances …

  7. Jester Queen says:

    Ouch. Gotta pity the kid. Anybody who would shoot while an unarmed person (even an intruder) begged? yeah. Ouch.

  8. trifectawriting says:

    Thanks so much for linking up to Trifextra this weekend. Wow, you packed quite a punch in such a small space, and maybe I’m a cynic, but I have to think there’s a good chance that this is exactly how it’d turn out. Nice job with the prompt. Come back soon.

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