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Dear 16-year-old self…

My oldest son is in high school.  He is attending Prom tonight and that got me thinking back.   I remember high school like it was last week, not almost 25 years ago.  It’s sad to see that, other than the technology, it … Continue reading

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Little girl lost

On the phone, with his mother, trying to make her understand that his divorce was a good thing.  “No, mom.  I don’t want to try to stay together.  I don’t love her anymore.” On the phone, with her son, not understanding … Continue reading

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Wrong place at the wrong time

She didn’t belong here.  But she didn’t deserve what she got either.  All she was looking for was a place to stay, to be safe.  She was lost, in a neighborhood that wasn’t her own.  She pulled up her hood, … Continue reading

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An Idiot In Illinois

I think I have a thing for British comedy.  I didn’t realize it until recently.  I think their expressions for things are just more colorful than ours.  Without all the gratuitous cursing that seems to be the norm today.   So my son’s interest in the British … Continue reading

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Hard for me to say I’m sorry

To the friends I left behind from Jr. High: I’m sorry I thought I was too cool to keep you.  The flashy new girlfriend I replaced you with dazzled me but was not worth losing friendships and myself.   I’ve missed too much. Sincerely sorry, My … Continue reading

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Oh no, I’ve said too much….I haven’t said enough

My best friend reads my blog.  She wants to know why I haven’t mentioned her in any of my posts.  I don’t have a reason other than the fact that I figured if she wanted to be exposed on the internet, … Continue reading

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It could happen to you

She stepped from his car, numb and confused.  He leaned across the seat, grinning, “See ya on Monday!”  Ugh…she hadn’t thought about Monday morning.  Everyone at school would titter over the scandal.  How they would laugh at her.  What did she expect would … Continue reading

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