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A thump in the night

Thump.  Her eyes pop open. Thump.  Frantic fumbling for what he left her for protection. Her door opens silently. She fires.  Thump. She creeps to the doorway. Gazing into her beloved’s glazed eyes.   “Write a horror story in 33 words, without … Continue reading

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That first step’s a doozy…

Raising her shaky hand to knock on the open screen door, she hesitates, “I can still turn around and leave.” She can hear light conversation inside, laughter.  It’s only a matter of time before someone sees her, cutting off the possibility … Continue reading

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Okay…so maybe I screwed up

Presenting………..the cake! Apparently, the angel food cake gods did not choose to smile upon me.  Angel food cake is usually taller.  And more handsome. Everything seemed to go okay. Separated the egg whites from the yolks – no problem.  Whipped them up … Continue reading

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One Sunday in late March

So tomorrow is the husband’s birthday.  Happy birthday, honey!  He doesn’t want anything, except maybe a card, made by the boys. Check. Tradition in our little family is that the birthday-boy (notice here it doesn’t say birthday-girl since I’m the … Continue reading

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He wins…again

““There’s nothing cute about it,” he said. The register of his voice indicated decision more so than discussion. She disagreed heartily and privately, staring past his head and out the window behind him. . Her hand snaked down to smooth … Continue reading

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Just breathe…

Reaching for the phone across the empty bed, squinting at the clock 3:15 glowing in bright green.  “Not again” she begs, silently to herself. An angry, slurring voice, “Come get me, I need a ride home” Sudden courage, after years of … Continue reading

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It’s a Boy!

My baby had a baby this weekend.  Ok, my baby had a fake baby this weekend.  It’s for his Parenting class at school.   He got to bring home this: It is programmed to cry at different intervals throughout the day.  … Continue reading

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