My husband, the fisherman

When I met my husband one of the things he told me he liked to do was fish.  Bass fish, specifically.  I really never thought that different fisherman would go after different kinds of fish.  I mean, a fish is a fish is a fish, right?  Boy, was I in for a lesson.  Apparently there are bass clubs, bass tournaments (amatuer and professional), bass lures, bass baits, bassboats,  and different kinds of bass themselves.  White bass, striped bass, large-mouthedbass and small-mouthed and several more that are found in other parts of the country/world.  Bass-bass, bass, bass-bass-bass.  Oh, and Bass Pro Shops, of which we have made a couple pilgrimages to.  Before she passed away, he and his momma would fish tournaments together.  They were the only mother-son partners in the history of the Illini Team Trail tournaments.  She was the ultimate fishing partner and a girl to boot!

I know, I know.. it's crappie, not bass. Bass are catch and release in this house.

 He has tried to make a fisherman out of me and he has failed.  I fished a Guys and Gals tournament with him a couple of times. We even went fishing for the whole morning before our wedding!   It turns out, fish hate me.  They laugh at me and the size of my bait.  Whatever the reason, I cannot catch fish.  I feel no shame in that really, other than being a disappointment to hubby.  I’m sure he invisioned long afternoons of fishing with me, travelling around to different lakes and tournaments and telling fish stories.   But, he got me.  I will go on the boat, I will even hold the pole, but I know they are not coming, no matter what I do so….. I would rather skip all that and just enjoy the sunshine.  He’s afraid I’ll get bored.  Yeah, whatever.  Who gets bored of quiet and warm sun and floating on a lake?  Not this girl, especially since we’ve had kids.  He is welcome to go out any time he wants and get his fishin’ on all by himself.   Ahh, alone time,  I remember that.  Either way, I don’t mind, as long as at the end of the day we are together again.  After a shower, of course.

About KimB

I am a mommy to 3 wild and wonderful boys, wife to my husband. I am a stay-at-home mommy, who would like to work if the perfect job came along. Trying to find a way to make money from home so we can have more of the "wants" not just the "needs". We live in the sort of-country and have a pretty big garden, but no animals, except one small, dark, and furry dacshund.
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