Meet me and my family

I am a mom.  I have a wonderful husband who I am lucky to have met when I was still a hot chick.  I have 3 boys.  My 16 year old – smart, sensitive, moody, laid back, lazy, bossy and irritable.  Sometimes all these in a single moment – anyone else with teenage boy relate?   My 7 year old – Daddy’s boy, sweet, helpful, stubborn, pouty, and prone to giggle attacks that severely annoy his big brother.  My 4 year old – Momma’s boy, happy, energetic, mouthy, funny and had zero volume control from the time he awakes until the time he passes out.  I love them all, the same but different.  Mommies know what I’m talking about.  I mean, sure, you love them, would kill or be killed for them, but I’m just sayin’, some days….And don’t get me wrong boys are great and you get what you are meant to have, but really God, the only girl amidst all this rowdiness and testosterone.  Thank you for letting me have a girl dog (Daddy wanted a boy – ha, no way!)  She understands me.  We hide together sometimes….


About KimB

I am a mommy to 3 wild and wonderful boys, wife to my husband. I am a stay-at-home mommy, who would like to work if the perfect job came along. Trying to find a way to make money from home so we can have more of the "wants" not just the "needs". We live in the sort of-country and have a pretty big garden, but no animals, except one small, dark, and furry dacshund.
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